Cuba is a tourist destination in the Caribean without comparison, of interest for wide sectors of the tourist market, it differs from the others for the variety of his tourist attractions: beautiful, exotic, with significant historical and cultural attractions, magnificent beaches of white arena and transparent water that they take a blue color turquoise as the color of the sky.
Cuba is the persons’ hearth exceptionally friendly, exotic flora, tropical climate and a vibrant night life. If you like the Latin rhythm, of that time this is the place, the musical sauce is always listened. All this and a warm welcome do to the biggest Caribbean island a very attractive destination for million tourists every year.
The Cuban culture is only in Latin America, with a fascinating and incredible history that they do to Cuba and to his very attractive people. Cuba is a tourist destination of big popularity, nevertheless it is a slightly costly destination if we compare it with others of the Carib. It still remains little commercialized and it is undoubtedly one of the surest places of America to travel in family.
Havana City is the capital of the country. The cities of Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Camagüey, Cienfuegos, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio, Ciego de Avila, Villa Clara, Bayamo and Guantánamo are also important for his economical and population development.
The education is free in all the levels as well as the materials of study. They do not exist illiterate. There are 300 000 teachers, 47 centers of higher education, 21 000 teachers and 276 000 students, although there are more than 3 million students registered in the whole national system of education. There are Universities or university faculties in all the provinces, as well as secondary, specializing education, polytechnic schools and others.
The Cuban system of health is considered to be an only one in Latin America, covering the hospitable needs and of health of the whole population. The medical attention is absolutely free for all the Cuban. Cuba has the lowest valuation of infant mortality in Latin America and one of the lowest of the world: 7,9 for every born alive 1000. The life expectancy is 75.2 years of age. In Cuba there are more than 42 634 doctors (1 for every 247 inhabitants); 7 515 dentists (1 x 524 inhabitants); 120 000 nurses and auxiliary technicians; 15 142 family doctors who attend to 70 % of the Cuban population. 421 polyclinical ones and 267 hospitals.
Cuba is an archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. His principal island, acquaintance like Isla de Cuba, is the biggest of the Antilles. Also there are a part of the archipelago Isla of the Juventud (formerly so-called “Isla de Pinos”) and a multitude of about 4 200 keys or small islands that make a detour to earlier mentioned. His limits are to the north with the Strait of the Florida, to this one with the Step of the Winds, on the south with the Caribbean sea and the west with the Gulf of Mexico, by which Cuba is known like the key of the Gulf of Mexico.

To travel to Cuba turns out to be simple, except for the citizens of the United States, to which the government of this country prohibits officially to travel to Cuba and for which it is a destination prohibited according to the laws of this country, except securing of a special license. The options to travel to Cuba are great: bundles to stay at tourist complexes, to travel round proper account and to stay at private houses of cuban family, to study in a Cuban university or art school, to take part in trips of help with Cuba, or to be present at a congress celebrated in the island. Anyone that is the interest of the traveler, in Cuba will always see fulfilled his targets, be already his attraction the beaches and the diving, the history of this country, the musican and the dancing, the art, the sport, the religion, the politics, the architecture of his cities, or what in the majority of the cases more attract the travelers, the Cuban people.

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Tourist Visa for Cuba: Tourist Card

Tourist Visa for Cuba: Tourist Card The tourist visa or tourist card is used only for tourism to Cuba. Valid for one entry into the country on a journey of 30 days and can be extended another 30 days in the country. Minors must have their tourist card even when in the passports of parents. …