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Photo Galleries of Old Havana, Cuba

Old Havana is the oldest area of the Cuban capital. As a whole has a similar urban layout to a convex lens of about 5 km ² in area, where there are still remains of the walls which for two centuries protected with a fence of stones and configured as a defensive military compound. In 1982, Old Havana was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Today, Old Havana is one of the busiest tourist areas in Havana due to the restoration of churches, fortresses and other historical buildings. Old Havana also has restaurants of all kinds, from the palate to gourmet and international restaurants. There are also many bookstores, museums and shops (clothes, handicrafts, souvenirs). Due to the large number of tourists in Old Havana life is very active and she held craft fairs, books, artistic performances, etc..

Square Arms Old Havana, Cuba

Photos of Arms Square

Photo Galleries of the Square Arms in Havana, Cuba At the end of Obispo Street, is the main square in Old Havana, very unique for your park at the center where you can enjoy a long cool shadows and cozy at any time of day. The Square Arms or Plaza Mayor is considered the oldest …

Photos of Cathedral Square

Photo Galleries of the Cathedral Square in Havana, Cuba The Cathedral Square of Havana is one of the favorite spots of tourists passing through the Cuban capital because there is in the historical district of Havana, located elsewhere to allow imagination in colonial times as the square hosts for nearly 250 years the most important …