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Photo Galleries of Havana, Cuba

Havana is the capital of the Republic of Cuba, its largest city, main port and economic and cultural center. It is also known by the original name of Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana, as well as nicknames Key to the New World and City of Columns (by Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier). It was founded on November 16, 1519 by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar. Its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Photos Centro Habana, Cuba

Photos of Centro Habana

Photo Galleries of Centro Habana, Cuba Centro Habana is the city of transition between Old and Modern Havana, the middle, hence the name. It belongs to the traditional center of the city, join to Old Havana. Centro Habana is the most populated municipality of the city, its streets crowded with buildings from the eighteenth and …

Photos of Havana Bay and Military Fortresses

Photo Galleries of Havana Bay and Military Fortresses Havana Bay, one of the largest and safest bays in America, has a pouch which gives security vessels welcomes, has a strategic position both geographically and economically. The port of Havana is the largest in Cuba and during the colonial period was one of the strategic centers …

Photos of Old Havana

Photo Galleries of Old Havana, Cuba Old Havana is the oldest area of the Cuban capital. As a whole has a similar urban layout to a convex lens of about 5 km ² in area, where there are still remains of the walls which for two centuries protected with a fence of stones and configured …