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Hotels in Santa Clara, Cuba

Find the best deals on hotels in Santa Clara, Cuba. We offer the best options to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Santa Clara, you can choose from a wide selection of hotels in Santa Clara, Cuba. Book a budget hotel in a modern facility in Santa Clara, offer choices for all types of travelers.

Hotel Santa Clara Libre Villa Clara, Cuba

Hotel Santa Clara Libre

Hotel Santa Clara Libre in Santa Clara, Cuba Info Reviews Info Santa Clara Libre is a modern and comfortable hotel. The restaurant, located on the top floor, offers delicious Cuban dishes and a beautiful view of the city. When the night falls, one choice is the disco, which is very popular among Santa Clara residents, …

Hotel Los Caneyes Santa Clara, Cuba

Hotel Los Caneyes

Hotel Los Caneyes in Santa Clara, Cuba Info Reviews Info Hotel Los Caneyes has managed to create its own unique image by recreating a Taino village. It is located 2 km from the city nestled among eucalyptus, coconut and palm trees. It has all required comfort and provides services including massage, acupressure, fangotherapy and the …

Hotel La Granjita Santa Clara, Cuba

Hotel La Granjita

Hotel La Granjita in Santa Clara, Cuba Info Reviews Info Villa La Granjita is a place for lovers of nature and peace, located 5 km from downtown Santa Clara, the house to famous Che Guevara Memorial. Its two-storey bungalows are scattered among beautiful vegetation, including palm and fruit trees, like a typical Cuban farm (“Granja”). …