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Hotels in Topes de Collantes, Cuba

Find the best hotel deals in Topes de Collantes, Cuba. We offer the best options to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Topes de Collantes, you can choose from a selection of hotels in Topes de Collantes, Cuba. Book a budget hotel in a place full of natural charms, offer choices for all types of travelers.

Hotel Gaviota Los Helechos, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Hotel Gaviota Los Helechos

Hotel Los Helechos in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba Info Reviews Info Part of the Topes de Collantes tourism chain, Los Helechos Hotel is located 800 meters above sea level on Guamuhaya, a massif mountain in Cuba’s picturesque central region – an area known for its natural beauty. Blessed with the charms of national park – home …