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Hostels in Holguin, Cuba

Find the best deals on hostels in Holguin, Cuba. City that has a fascinating museum inside a colonial headquarters, as well as galleries and memorials scattered around its lively public squares. In fact, the city has many parks, which is now frequently referred Cuban city of parks. From the mountain Loma de la Cruz with its 468 steps can be seen throughout the city.

Casa Rodolfo Holguin, Cuba

House Rodolfo Hormilla

Guest House Rodolfo in Holguin, Cuba Info Reviews Book Info Guest House Rodolfo is a wide and comfortable department constructed in 1962, in the center of the city of Holguín. This Cuban family dedicated to rent private rooms to travelers in Holguín, Cuba, will do of your stay in his department its own hearth. You …

Hostel Refugio Reyes in Holguin, Cuba

Hostel Refugio Reyes

Hostel Refugio Reyes in Holguin, Cuba Info Reviews Book Info Located in one of the best areas of the city, the Hostel Refugio Reyes is a safe and welcoming place, offering its guests a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere to ensure a pleasant stay. The house was built in 1953 and is a gem of modern …