Hostels in Cuba

Find the best place to stay while discovering Cuba. A vibrant mix of history and music, poetry and passion, adventure and amazing cultural richness. We offer the best deals for Hostels in Cuba.
Hostels are homes of Cuban families, where their owners have a license offered by the Cuban government allows them to offer a full hosting tourists visiting Cuba. Our free service reserve rooms in hostels in Cuba is the most attractive for travelers who visit us daily.

Youth Hostels in Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa Hostels

Hostels in Baracoa, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Baracoa, also called the primate city. Declared National Monument for being a place of extraordinary natural and landscape values where there is a natural monument called El Yunque de Baracoa. The city is situated between the rivers Macaguanigua and Miel. Among its natural attractions …

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Hostales Camaguey, Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Camaguey, Cuba

Camaguey Hostels

Hostels in Camaguey, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Camaguey, also known as “the city of Tinajones”. The historic center of Camagüey-considered the largest and best preserved of the island was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visitors revel in the sumptuous churches, present in large numbers, and the maze of winding …

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Hostales Cienfuegos, Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Cienfuegos Cuba

Cienfuegos Hostels

Hostels in Cienfuegos, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Cienfuegos. A charming city by the sea. Its picturesque nautical environment has earned the nickname “Pearl of the South”, a name that has endured for centuries. This city has a group of buildings of outstanding architectural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. The streets …

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Havana Hostels

Hostels in Havana, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels Havana. City where you can stroll through Old Havana, exploring museums, visit the home of Ernest Hemingway and soak up the rich culture of a humble people. It is also known for the founding name of Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana. Its historic …

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Youth Hostels in Holguin, Cuba

Holguin Hostels

Hostels in Holguin, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Holguin, Cuba. City that has a fascinating museum inside a colonial headquarters, as well as galleries and memorials scattered around its lively public squares. In fact, the city has many parks, which is now frequently referred Cuban city of parks. From the mountain Loma …

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Youth Hostels in Matanzas, Cuba

Matanzas Hostels

Hostels in Matanzas, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Matanzas. It was founded in October 1693 in a privileged place in the northern geography of Cuba. Matanzas is also called the “City of Bridges” because the cross the mouths of the rivers San Juan and Yumurí and is bounded on the east by …

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Youth Hostels in Remedios, Cuba

Remedios Hostels

Hostels in Remedios, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Remedios. Remedios is located in the province of Villa Clara, in central Cuba, possesses a rich historical and cultural path so the March 7, 1980, the historic city center was declared a National Monument. Remedios is a dynamic of its own life, with excellent …

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Hostales Santa Clara, Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara Hostels

Hostels in Santa Clara, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Santa Clara, a quiet country town in Cuba to 270 km from Havana that mostly attracts nostalgic fans of the figure of Che, as well as adventurers who decide to explore the interior of the island outside circuits ‘recommended for tourists’. In the …

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Hostales Santiago de Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba Hostels

Hostels in Santiago de Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city of Cuba, located east of the island. Santiago de Cuba is located in the Caribbean and has a wonderful location, thanks to which was the first capital of Cuba, since its founding in 1515 until 1556. …

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Hostales Trinidad, Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad Hostels

Hostels in Trinidad, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Trinidad. The Villa of the Santisima Trinidad was the third town founded by the Spanish Crown in Cuba in early 1514. The town was founded by the presence of Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, and evolved quickly, which enabled him to be one of the …

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Hostales Varadero, Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Varadero, Cuba

Varadero Hostels

Hostels in Varadero, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Varadero, Cuba. Considered one of the leading tourist destinations of Cuba, captivates with its fine white sands and blue waters of a gentle, warm, clear round, where swimmers can get away tens of meters from the shore without ever cover them completely. Varadero receives …

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Hostales Viñales, Cuba. Mejores Ofertas Alojamiento Viñales, Cuba

Viñales Hostels

Hostels in Vinales, Cuba Find the best deals on hostels in Viñales, Cuba. For visitors interested in nature tourism, is in the Valley of Viñales to one of the unique attractions of this modality par excellence, declared a National Monument in October 1978. The Viñales Valley has been listed as a World Heritage Site UNESCO5 …

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