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Tourist Visa for Cuba: Tourist Card

The tourist visa or tourist card is used only for tourism to Cuba. Valid for one entry into the country on a journey of 30 days and can be extended another 30 days in the country.
Minors must have their tourist card even when in the passports of parents.
Tourist Card for Vacation Travel to Cuba
Documents required for obtaining directly at the consulate:
• Valid passport
• Form
• Paper Airplane arrival date and return
• You must pay the consular fee for this service provided

Documents required for obtaining it via postal mail
• Legible photocopy of valid passport
• Legible photocopy of the ticket Tickets to date and return
• You must pay the consular fee for this service provided
• envelope with sufficient postage and a return address for visa

NOTE: If the application is made by mail or through a third person will be charged in addition, the consular fee for this service provided.
All payments must be in cash or by certified bank payment. The cash sent by mail will be refused and returned at the risk of the applicant.

In Cuba, the Department shall not seal the inlet and outlet in your passport. The stamps are printed in the Tourist Card.
No airline will allow you to board the flight if you do not carry a Tourist Card for your trip.
The Tourist Card will not take effect for another visa travel motivation. If traveling to perform any activity other than pleasure and leisure, you need a specific visa.

Time for Visa-issuing tourist card?
To apply and pay are the delivered immediately (the same day of application).
In cases where a request is made for tourist groups (with large number of members) could not be delivered with immediacy.

What is the validity of the Tourist Visa-card?
• It is valid (for entry to Cuba) six (6) months from the date of issue.
• It is valid to enter the country once.
• You can stay in the country up to 30 days.
• If you wish to extend your stay for longer can file an extension for a period of 30 days.

Important information that the carrier should consider:
-Keep Tourist Card until they leave. The Tourist Card and out of Cuba sits. In case of loss, you must immediately notify Immigration to obtain a duplicate, on payment of a fee.
-For Your departure (from Cuba) is a prerequisite to present the Tourist Card along with your passport and travel ticket.
-The Tourist Card is not valid without the stamp of the entity that issued it. On the back of the Tourist Card must have printed the stamp of the airline, travel agency or consulate that issued it.

Extension of stay in Cuba with Visa-Tourist Card.
You may stay in Cuba to 30 days, but if you intend to stay longer, you must file a visa extension for 30 days more.
To request an extension must be submitted (at least one week before the expiry of the visa) at the offices of the Immigration and Nationality of the municipality where you reside or failing in the National DIE.
And submit:
• Passport.
• Tourist Visa-card.
• Receipt of payment of accommodation in private house (authorized to lease under Decree-Law 171/97); or photocopy of the lease of the private house where he is staying; or guest card if you are staying in a hotel.
• Air Ticket with new date.
• Labels corresponding ringing the cost for the extension (*)
(*) The cost of the extension in Cuba is: 25 CUC to pay with stamps stamped. You can buy the stamps stamped at branches of Banco Metropolitano, or another operating in freely convertible currency (CUC).
If your interest is to reside in the house of a first-degree relative (parent, child, sibling, or spouse) must apply for Visa Family A-2 at the consulate of Cuba in the country of residence.
Family A-2 visa must be requested date 60 days prior to its release.
If your interest is staying with a friend must travel on a tourist visa and request a change to Family Visa A-2, in the first 7 days of their entry.
To apply for Visa Family A-2 in Cuba must be submitted at the offices of the Immigration and Nationality (DIE) corresponding to the location where it will reside, intervening with his friend, provided (a) of the writing of homeownership and stamp duty as the cost corresponding to Step (40 CUC).
Note: Cost of Family Visa A-2 requested in the ETD in Cuba may vary, so you should know before.