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Nature Tourism in Cuba: Peculiarities Viñales Valley

Mural de la Prehistoria, Valle de Viñales, CubaThe Mural of Prehistory, unique tourist facility in western Cuba, continues between the preferences of those who visit the Valley of Viñales in Pinar del Río, Vueltabajo main tourist destination.
Vacationers have on this site the opportunity to contact bygone era, thanks to the artist Leovigild Gonzalez, who with the help of local peasants, carried out the work on the steep slope of a hillock Viñalero.
The painting reaches a height of 80 meters, with a width of 120 and testifies biogeological evolution of the area, one of the oldest in Cuba. He also considers one of the greatest paintings of the world open.
By different paths you can climb to the top of the lift and enjoy an exceptional view of the famous Valley of Viñales, beautiful landscape, only on the island rose in the Valley of Two Sisters and cross it is always an adventure that reveals unique topography dotted with legends, findings and broad strokes of bright colors that give life to prehistoric creatures.
In the gigantic picture image sticking of the first men who inhabited this end of the archipelago, known as Guanahatabeyes and living off the fruits provided by hunting, fishing and gathering.
Along with human figures highlight the large mammals like megalocnus (now defunct) and the ammonites, mollusks aged more than 70 million years old. Also emerge from the depths simulate the pleisosaurios, Mesozoic marine reptiles, among other representatives of the animal kingdom who found shelter in this demarcation in times immemorial and yet whose traces lie in the passageway of centuries rotted caverns and elevations.

The beauty and uniqueness of their hummocks scattered throughout the valley, Viñales sum other charms that make more attractive your face and do not escape the astonished gaze of the thousands of tourists each year visit the main tourist center of Pinar del Rio
In the heart of the town of the region, National Monument, which preserves the air of the colony, is the oldest house in the village, fired the century and seemingly frozen in time, challenges the newly
begun millennium.
Casa de Don Tomas en Viñales, CubaBeen converted into La Casa de Don Tomas, a popular gastronomic center, was built by Spanish architect Jorge Duque at a cost of 320 ducats and inaugurated the first of January 1889.
Restored after the revolutionary triumph, the restaurant-bar now offers native foods, which are a fusion of Spanish and regional cuisines.
The property is considered a valuable heritage and passersby often stop to look over the old wooden house with two floors, attracted perhaps by the voices of other centuries left their mark there.
But perhaps the most significant is located at in environment so varied are designed contemplative paths, which allow for the protection of indigenous and endemic species of flora and fauna of the country’s westernmost province, high vocation naturalist.
With the company of expert guides and maximum security, grows increasingly travelers desire go routes, which in some cases had first foreign visitors by European emigrants and their slaves settled in the province centuries ago.
A good portion of them are located in the main tourist and those who travel these places are especially attractive possibility to appreciate the diversity of flora, bird watching and geological aspects, in particular the formation of the rocks and the enigmatic hummocks scattered in the profuse Viñales valley morphology is the result of erosive activity time and water.
Another attraction is the Great Cavern of Santo Tomás, the longest in Cuba and one of the largest in Latin America, extends for about 46 miles, with seven different levels, in that poke journey interesting stories about caving.
Wonders of Viñales is in the section between the town of Viñales and community Moncada and its main attraction is the calocoma Microcycas colonies, known for cork palm, living fossil with more than 250 million years the face of the earth.
In the four kilometers of the route of the Nightingale, one hears the song of the bird, which makes it more attractive the rise and fall of a mountain, with no risk and travel for intermountain valley. Nearby is the Valley Community Ancon, whose residents are devoted to coffee.
It is these characteristics that make Vinales exceptional and memorable stay for those who selected for rest and recreation.

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