Apr 20

May Festival, predict record international participation in cultural festival in Holguin

Romerías de Mayo en Holguin, CubaOver 200 delegates from 21 countries have purchased tickets to attend XX May Festival, art festival to be held from 2 to 8 May in the city of Holguin and this will rise in the coming hours, by what promises to record international participation, will be present as 200 young artists from all provinces.

So far, the World Meeting of Poets and the delegations of Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain are the most numerous.

Israel Rojas, director of the popular duo Buena Fe, has confirmed that next week will begin trials Dial concert dedicated to honor the 90th anniversary of the Cuban radio.

The National Arts Council of Cuba projected the founding collective presence of Pilgrimage, as Cuban and Dance Myron scraps, and heralds the return to Holguin contemporary dance contest Solos Only, whose closure will be borne by the company Danza Abierta.

Litz Alfonso confirms he will attend the inauguration on May 3, to commemorate his company debut in the mega event, two decades ago, when there was a blackout in the middle of the ceremony and her dancers continued the show, with the professionalism that characterizes them.

The multinational channel Telesur announced that the opening cover, while journalist Arleen Rodriguez airs from Holguin International Roundtable dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Festival.

The highest-rated programs on Cuban television audience as 23 and M and Lucas have confirmed live broadcasts from May Festival, to which is added Parenthesis, Hermanos Saiz Association.

Bloggers twitazo star the opening, for the 20 years of the World Festival of Young Artists and transmission on line of tables, dialogs Memory Our international congress.

They have already booked their rooms at the Hotel Pernik, villa of the event, the Collective Theatre and Dance Tampico HACHICHIL Prehispanic of Guadalupe, Mexico.

The first to arrive in Holguin will be the group’s Chilean musicians and band Chocloneta Eleggo, and direct from Buenos Aires international airport of Holguin will be arriving Indiada Tangos, May 2.

From Canada, drummer Al Wesbter accompany the bluesman Phil Kane, in the event Rockmerías and Quebec Royal Theatre will perform at the movie theater Ismaelillo.

From Venezuela comes a delegation of Barinas, the birthplace of Commander Hugo Chavez and Barquisimeto payroll grows with De Khalafary’s, Nelvis Creators Acosta and Process, Wilmer Peraza and Cultural Center Guachirongo. Confirmation is expected Dramatrasthablas and collective El Garrote.

Our memory has several countries, after the incorporation of Ramses Calderon of El Salvador; Sebastian Arias, of Argentina: Menoscal Reinoso, the Dominican Republic, and other leading experts who will discuss the defense of our cultural traditions.

The inaugural conference of the Congress will be headed by Dr. Alcides Sagar, founder of the Cuban School of Boxing and Teofilo Stevenson coach.

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