Aug 31

First Cuban Hotel Themed on Music

Hotel BelleVue Palma Real Varadero, CubaThe Hotel BelleVue Palma Real in Varadero, 4 star, 466 rooms, announced in November, the start of the high season of tourism in Cuba, marketing under the new brand Blue Salsa Club, which will become the first Cuban themed hotel musically. With its opening, the product reinvents hotel located in the most famous holiday destination in Cuba.

In conjunction with the Agency for Cultural Tourism devised the Blue Paradiso Salsa Club, a hotel that Cuban music will trump your best and promote genres like salsa, guaracha, bolero and other sounds and dances.

The musical-danzario project was designed by the great Cuban choreographer Santiago Alfonso, National Dance Award. Spaces have been decorated and thematized by genres areas in order to make the client from entering the Blue Salsa Club, breathe music, culture, dance, Cuban … The installer displays a totally different from today. be reflected in the decor of the hotel, general ambience and restoration. Thus, the building ‘Siboney’ is dedicated to the popular dance music, while the building ‘Atabey’, will focus on jazz, bolero and feeling.

Música popular bailable cubanaIt’s a very similar to Hard Rock hotels, but in this case the Blue Salsa Club will focus on Cuban music, so rich in rhythms and movements. For this reason, customers who choose to stay at the Blue Salsa Club have included dance lessons, percussion and other musical instruments, and more. There will be entertainment activities danzario cutting in the pool area, and the Havana Club disco, part of the hotel, you Salsa Night Blue theme night dedicated to the genre.

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